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Favors Film School includes a full curriculum, product base, and writing workshop. The primary purpose of the school is to create film analysis opportunities applying setback as a theme to select films. This provides a space for novice learners, film students, and production professionals to review scripts and production development from the vantage point of setback.

Favors Film School is in development. The Favors Film Analysis website serves as a temporary learning medium. The transition plan for the project is between 2022 and 2024.

About Favors Film School

Favors Film School is an online learning center that offers practical courses in film analysis, film critiques, and film production. The school focuses on applied psychology concepts in interpreting and evaluating scriptwriting, filmmaking, and production.


The goal of Favors Film School is to prepare students for applying the theme of setback to the development of film analysis for select films and write scripts with this theme as central to understanding the behavior of characters, the creation of dialogue, and the development of the film narrative.


The mission of Favors Film School is to provide a space for teaching applied psychology to scriptwriting, filmmaking, and directing and centering efforts on exploring the theme of setback.


The following represent products under the Favors Film School. Product extensions are in development, subject to change based on capacity and volume expectations.

Favors Film Guides

Favors Film School produces Favors Film Guides that focus on the application of psychology and the theme of setback for select commercial films. Favors Film Guides are the print version of the online medium. The guides are used for both academic and commercial purposes. Content development for the guides is undergoing a two-year process, from 2022 to 2024.

Favors Film Guides Online

Favors Film Guides writes, develops, and promotes film analyses of select films. The guides are published on the www.favorsfilmanalysis.com website. Content development for the site is undergoing a two-year process, from 2022 to 2024.


About Favors Film Analysis Curriculum

The Favors Film Analysis Curriculum explores and analyzes select films and applies the theme of setback and psychology concepts to understand the development of plot, characterization, setting, and individual and collective decisions of one or more characters. The opportunity to apply and explore the theme of setback is not limited to narrative development.

The curriculum includes both original scripts written by the author and instructional designer, Regina Y. Favors, and analysis of commercial scripts and films written by other screenwriters and produced and directed by related production companies.


The goal is to explore the theme of setback as a primary strategy to help the reading and viewing audience members understand human behavior within scriptwriting and film production contexts.

The curriculum also includes Favors Film Courses, an online medium that teaches students how to explore and analyze films from the theme of setback, resilience, rebounding, and related psychology concepts.


The mission of the Favors Film Analysis Curriculum is to center all writing and analysis efforts on developing content that focuses on setback, overcoming setback, rebounding, rebound relationships, and psychology concepts, including attachment, parenting styles, personality traits, goal orientation, and mindset. The mission is subject to change as capacity and volume change.

About Favors Family Scripts

Favors Film Scripts represent select scripts written by Regina Y. Favors that focus on rebounding, rebound relationships, marital discord, sociopolitical discourse, blackface and racial topics, setback and overcoming setback, and love, particularly the discovery of possibility of love and love as setback.


The mission of Favors Film Scripts is to create script content for academic purposes, to create a published script portfolio for commercial marketing and production, and to apply the concept of rebounding and setback to the development of scripts for multi-use.

About Favors Film Courses

Favors Film Courses offers online course materials for students who desire to explore films and create analysis content focusing their efforts on applying the theme of setback. The courses utilize an applied psychology strategy to scriptwriting, filmmaking, film directing, and overall film production. The courses also utilize instructional design principles to facilitate content development and encourage subsequent discussions. Favors Film Courses also produces and facilitates writing workshops and related seminars.


The mission of Favors Film Courses is to create elective courses for film students interested in applying psychology concepts to scriptwriting, filmmaking, and overall production development.

Favors Writing Workshop

Favors Film Courses manages the Favors Writing Workshop, which facilitates fundamental, intermediate, and advanced courses in scriptwriting. The workshop is cooperative and collaborative. Students learn how to study and apply psychology concepts practically and write scripts from a point of view of setback.

About Favors Learning Center

Please note that The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center, dba Favors Learning Center, designs, manages, facilitates, and commercially produces all programming, including print and digital products, and creates the curriculum for both academic and commercial products.

With the exception to websites already named and in development, the references to titling of schools, guides, and curricula are considered in-house and fall under the banner of Favors Learning Center.

The Regina Y. Favors website serves as the central resource for understanding business and institutional offerings. Favors Learning Center is still in development.

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